Changes to data privacy

What GDPR means for your Schibsted account

In the past, you probably signed up for a lot of websites or services after only a quick glance at their privacy policy. We know how it is – you know you should read it, but it’s so long and full of heavy legal language. No one’s got time for that.

These impossible-to-read policies are one of the reasons the EU decided it was time for a change: the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, comes into effect from 25th May, 2018. After this date, businesses will need to be clearer and more open about the way they collect and use your data.


At Schibsted, we think this is a positive change and we’ve been hard at work preparing for it. We’ve created tools, controls and simple guides that will help you understand your rights and stay in control of your privacy.


Schibsted is responsible for safely and securely storing the data in your Schibsted account and making sure any use of that data is lawful under the new regulations.


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