Your right to see your data

How to view and download your Schibsted data

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to know what companies know about you, including what information you have chosen to share with them and what data they have collected through your activity. As part of this, we offer you the option to download a copy of your entire Schibsted data set. This action is sometimes referred to as data takeout.

View and download your data

Your Schibsted account may or may not be connected to multiple sites and services within the Schibsted family, depending on where you have used it to log in. We have created tools that allow you to download your data from all your Schibsted sites and services so you're fully aware of what we know about you.

If you wish, you can send us a request to package all your Schibsted data into a single zip file that you can download and view offline. Depending on the number of sites you have connected to your Schibsted account, this may take some time, but your download will be ready within a maximum of 30 days. We'll send you an email when the download is ready. For security reasons, it will be available only for a short time; after that, you'll need to make a new request if you want to download your data again.


When you make a download request, we will need to compile your data from the various sites and solutions you have connected to your account. For some long-term users, this can add up to a lot of information, but it’s important to remember that no one else has access to this combined data.


Your right to take your data elsewhere

You also have the right to take your data to another provider. This is sometimes referred to as data portability. Put simply, it means that when you download your data, it needs to be in a format that is readable by both people and computers. When you download your data from Schibsted, the files you receive will be readable using any web browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. In case you have a need to pass your data along to another company, it will also always be formatted and structured in a way that is readable by computers.

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