Geo data in advertising

A detailed look at the use of geo data in ads on Schibsted services

Ads on Schibsted sites and apps may be customised to the user’s geographic location at the time the banner is delivered to the page or app, or locations likely to be relevant based on previous visits during the last 28 days. Location is typically based on country, region, municipality and town-level – not smaller areas – through IP address and GPS data.

Your location may be recorded via your IP or Internet Protocol address. This is a unique number assigned by Internet Service Providers to each computer or device connected to the internet. If the device is connected to a Wi-fi network, the network’s IP address is used to determine physical location.

For ad geotargeting on mobile devices, Schibsted derives a device’s location by collecting the GPS position once the user installs selected Schibsted apps, and then only if you consent to the app tracking location. Schibsted uses GPS position to help improve location estimates for IP addresses both when you are actively interacting with the application as well as when the app runs in the background.

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