Getting the content that’s most important to you

How data can be used to personalise the content you see

When you hear terms like personalised content, you might think it means you’re going to miss out on something important. But don’t worry: we have no intention of burying things you might really want to see.

Personalised content is all about making your time on Schibsted sites and services feel useful, comfortable and relevant. On news sites, for example, you will always see the day’s headlines and breaking news first, but after that, we may prioritise content according to your data profile.

How Schibsted sites personalise content for you

We use data from large groups of users to learn what kind of content they engage with. We might see trends or patterns in the data sets that tell us people of a particular gender or age-group like some types of content more than others.

If, for example, our data indicates that people in their 40s who live in Norway are interested in travelling to warm places, we can make sure those users don’t have to look far to find out about sunny travel destinations.

Your rights

You can choose whether or not to let us personalise your content. If a Schibsted site or service you use has personalised content on offer, you'll be able to adjust your settings in My Page on that site.


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