How Schibsted uses cookies

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What is a cookie?

When we talk about internet cookies, we mean small text files that are saved on your computer or device, via your browser, when you visit a website. 

The information in a cookie tells the website things like:

Schibsted cookies

We use cookies:

Under strictly defined terms, we also allow our suppliers to use cookies when you use our sites. We have stringent guidelines in place for how third parties may collect and use data.

Each of our sites, apps and services have a cookie policy that you can read to find out more.

Managing cookies

You can manage cookies within your browser, either by clearing existing ones or preventing new ones from being saved. Most browsers also offer an “incognito mode” that will prevent any cookies being saved within a single browsing session. Check your browser’s help to find out more.

Remember that cookies only apply to individual browsers on a single device. For example, if you set rules or delete cookies on Chrome on your mobile phone, the changes won’t apply to Firefox on your laptop. Some browsers, however, sync cookies and settings across devices.

App Advertising on mobile devices

Non-browser apps don’t use cookies to store data on your device; instead, they use advertising IDs. You can reset and sometimes manage or restrict your device’s advertising ID in the settings menu. Check with your device’s user help to find out more.

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