Schibsted, data and you

Learn about the digital data Schibsted uses

Schibsted are the folks behind brands you already know, like Aftenposten and VG in Norway, and Aftonbladet and Blocket in Sweden, among others. You use a Schibsted account to log in to those sites, and Schibsted is the data controller for the data collected by those brands when you use these services and your Schibsted account.

We always keep your data safe and secure, and we are constantly reviewing and improving our routines to comply with data privacy laws and to meet your expectations.

Here are some examples of the types of data we collect to provide you with content that is as relevant as possible:

Personal information that you tell us

When you create a Schibsted account, you tell us some details about yourself like your date of birth, address, phone number and so on. Some of these details are things we need to know in order to create an account; other information you can choose whether or not you want to tell us.

If you don't have a Schibsted account, your browsing behaviour gives us clues about the segments you might fit into.


Your browsing activity

When you browse through one of our sites, and click on things you find interesting, you create an activity history.


What kind of device you’re using

When we know whether you’re using a mobile, tablet or desktop browser to look at our sites, we can give you the best experience for that device.


Which city or town you're in

If we know which city or town you're in, we can give you offers and content that are related to businesses and events near you.



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