Smart ads and what they mean for you

How we use data to match you with useful, relevant ads

On Schibsted sites, smart ads are messages from businesses that contain products and offers matched to your data profile. Depending on how you set your preferences, the ads you see might be more or less relevant to you. If you choose to opt out of using data to see smart ads altogether, you’ll still see the same amount of advertising, but it might be less useful.

How does it work?

Let’s face it, ads can be annoying. But as you probably know, advertising helps businesses like ours offer great content without having to charge you a lot of money. And ads can be a little less annoying if they show you things you’re actually interested in seeing, right? That’s where smart ads come in.

Smart ads work by matching your data profile with advertisements from businesses that want to reach people like you. Put simply, Schibsted sells ad space on our sites and services to advertisers who want certain audiences to see their ads.


At this point, we want to clear up a common misunderstanding about buying and selling data: we do not sell data about you, nor do we buy data to expand our segments. Let's say you click on something on one of our websites, which leaves a data trace. We don't sell that information to anyone. What we do is use the data internally to build aggregated groups, or segments of users. We can then confirm to advertisers that we have groups of users that they want to reach.


Your rights

You can choose whether or not you want us to use data to match you with relevant ads, and you have the right to control the kinds of data we can use to do this.


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