Take control of your privacy

How to make changes to your privacy choices in your Schibsted account

Whether you’ve been using Schibsted sites for years or you’re just getting started, you always have control over your privacy. Our privacy tools are designed to help you understand your rights and make choices that work for you.

Download your data

You have a legal right to know what data we have collected about you, and the right to download and browse through it. At any time, you can visit the Privacy section of your Schibsted account and go to Download my data to request a download of all your Schibsted data in a file you can view using your web browser.


Delete your data

You also have a legal right to delete the data any company holds about you. This is sometimes referred to as the right to be forgotten. We currently offer you the ability to delete your entire account, including all your data from across any Schibsted sites or services associated with your account, or individual sites. You can also remove individual sites from your Schibsted account if you want to keep other services active.

You can remove sites or delete your account in the Privacy section of your Schibsted account.


Deactivating cookies

If you're concerned about any cookie tracking that may have occurred while you were logged out or before you created an account, you can clear those cookies from your browser. Check your browser's user help for instructions.


Change and update your data

If the information one of our sites has about you is incorrect, you can ask us to change it. You can change or update your personal profile information on My Page for that site or, to change other details, you can contact customer service for that site or app and they will make the changes for you.


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