What is a Schibsted account?

Logging in to Schibsted is the best way to save your data privacy choices

A number of Schibsted companies and partners require you to sign up for a Schibsted account when you want to log in. When you sign up for one of these sites or services, you create an account that you can use with the same username (your email address) and password for all the others.

Until mid-2018, this was called a SPiD account – if you had a SPiD account before, you now have a Schibsted account. You don’t have to do anything besides log in with your old username and password.

Your Schibsted account manages your identity, payments, messaging, data and privacy choices across all the sites that use it. You only need to sign up once, then if you want to add more sites to your account, you simply log in to each site using the same username and password. Individual sites or services may have their own terms of use that you'll need to read and agree to when you add them to your account.


While you can add new sites and services to your Schibsted account whenever you like, you won't have a personal profile or any data stored on those services until you actually log in and start using them.


Schibsted account and privacy

A Schibsted account is a secure, stable way to manage your privacy choices. Without an account, any choices you make are stored on your device and/or in a specific browser in the case of websites. This means if you clear your cookies or switch devices or browsers, you will lose your preferences and may have to make privacy consents again.

Log in, sign up or manage your account

You can manage the sites connected to your account and make changes to your privacy choices in your Schibsted account. If you don’t yet have a Schibsted account, you can sign up in a few simple steps: just choose a brand in the country whose sites you want to use (e.g. Finn.no in Norway or Blocket.se in Sweden) and then click the link to create a new account.

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