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Privacy settings tool

Schibsted’s services make everyday life easier for people. To ensure that the services work and are as relevant as possible for you, we use your data at Schibsted.

What is data?

We use the word data to describe everything from information you enter into your Schibsted account to data we collect when you use the services, for example what you click on and how often and for how long you read.

Control with your own choices

Everyone who uses our services can control their data.

Schibsted provides you with tools you can use to make choices for the different situations when your data is used, including advertising or the content we show you.

Via your Schibsted account, you can select settings for data use across all Schibsted services:

Use Description Link to tool
Deletion of personal information from Schibsted Sweden
With this tool, you can request the deletion of all data Schibsted Sweden stores about you. The deletion can take up to 30 days.
Log in here
Deletion of personal data from a Schibsted service
The "Remove" button under "My Sites and Services" in your Schibsted Account deletes single services and all associated data within 30 days.
Log in here
View and download your data
You can download your data from all Schibsted services and get a full overview of what we store about you with this tool. You’ll receive a file for download within 30 days. Log in here
Custom advertisement settings
Choose whether you want to see advertising that is tailored to you. Log in so that the setting applies to all services. For single services, use the links below. You don’t need to log in then. Log in here

You can also choose your settings via the single service, e.g. Aftonbladet. The settings page (My Page) gives you the opportunity to control the use of data for this particular service as well, such as customising news content on Aftonbladet.

In some cases, this may affect other sites and services in Schibsted. This typically applies if a service has sub-services, such as Aftonbladet TV.

Schibsted service Settings link
Aftonbladet Link
Blocket Link
Omni Link
Omniekonomi Link
Svenska Dagbladet Link
Wellobe Link
Wellness Link

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